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Colombia Finca La Sirena - Strawberry

Colombia Finca La Sirena - Strawberry

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Flavor Profile: Strawberry Lemon Sorbet

Producer: Finca La Sirena - Juan Puerta
Honey - Strawberry Osmotic Dehydration 
Armenia, Quindio

Growing Altitude: 1400 MASL

Strawberry Osmotic Dehydration

This coffee begins its process by harvesting the coffee cherries in optimum maturation, then flotation is carried out to separate the cherries that are empty of have defects.

The cherries are then taken to closed tanks to achieve dry fermentation for three days. Afterwards, the cherries are pulped. The pulped coffee is put in tanks with concentrated glucose juice, strawberries, and other red fruits.

The Brix degrees of the concentrated juice were adjusted to 55 so that osmotic dehydration could be carried out. After three days of treatment, the coffee is to taken to traditional sun dryers for around 15 days.

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