Welcome to Alchemist Coffee Lab

It all started with a small roaster in the middle of the living room. Many, many burnt beans and a few years later, the dream came to life.

Having learned and mastered how to roast speciality coffee beans in his living room from all around the world, Hamzeh Mahmoud started by opening a local roastery, which specializes in roasting high quality beans for local businesses.

The dream was to finally own a coffee shop of his own, to not only highlight his roasts but his brewing processes. With that dream came the perfect time to open Alchemist Coffee Lab. They roast and brew a variety of beans, all freshly roasted and in many different styles, ensuring that there is a cup for every person’s tastes.

Established in late 2022 in Fresno, California by Hamzeh, Alchemist Coffee Lab came to be when the timing was finally right. Through the burning of the beans came the knowledge that every type of bean requires its own unique roast to bring out the nuances and flavors.