The coffee everyone’s been talking about.

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At Alchemist Coffee Lab, we have coffees and even teas to match anyone’s tastes. At our Coffee Lab, you can come and enjoy almost any type of coffee to your taste and enjoy teas and pastries as well. Looking to brew at home? Order a bag of beans online or pick one up in the Lab, then check out our brew guide to learn how to brew coffee in different methods just like a professional.


Finca La Reserva

This delicious honey process Colombian geisha from Finca La Reserva boasts an incredible flavor bouquet featuring floral notes of jasmine, lavender, and rose, with fruity and tea-like characteristics of strawberry, white grape, and green tea.

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El Bebedero

This geisha coffee comes from Germán’s farm named El Bebedero, located in the scenic village Gracias a Dios, in the Peruvian department Amazonas. Ripe cherries fermented anaerobically for 170 hours help create notes of strawberry, orange zest, and fresh mint.

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