It doesn’t just look cool; a siphon produces a delicate, tea-like cup of coffee. It can be a bit fussy to deal with but, it is definitely one of the coolest brew methods around.

The Deets

Coffee Amount

  • 20-25 grams

Grind Size

  • Sea Salt

Water Amount & Temp

  • 300g
  • 185-195° F

Brew Time

  • 2 - 2:30 minutes

step one

Prepare Coffee & Fill Bulb

Soak your filter in warm water for three to five minutes and then drop it into the bottom of the siphon’s hopper. Hook it to the bottom of the hopper’s glass tubing.

Fill your siphon’s bulb with 300 grams of water.

step two

Insert the Hopper & Prepare Coffee

Insert the hopper, with the filter, into the bulb. Make sure it is secure and then place the burner beneath the bulb.

Grind your coffee while you wait for the water to rise. Grind the beans just slighty finer than you would for drip coffee.

step three

Wait For The Water

Once the water has moved into the hopper, turn your heat down so that the water is between 185-195°.

step four

Add Coffee & Brew

Add your coffee and gently submerge it with the back of a spoon. Let the coffee brew undisturbed for one minute and forty-five seconds.

step five

Stir, Stir, Stir

Remove the burner (and in one motion) stir the coffee about ten times.

step six

Time For Coffee

The coffee should take about forty-five seconds to one minute to flow downward into the bulb. You know it’s ready once there is a dome of grounds at the top of the filter and the coffee at the bottom has a steady bubble.

Remove the hopper and serve.