Espressos are finicky business but with the right tools and a lot of dedication, a perfect shot is worth the struggle. You’ll have a shot of amazing balance, viscosity, and sweetness.

The Deets

Coffee Amount

  • 18 - 21 grams

Grind Size

  • Fine

Water Amount & Temp

  • 25 - 30g
  • 200°F

Brew Time

  • 25 - 30 seconds

step one

Remove the Portafilter & Purge with Hot Water

Place it on a scale and tare the weight then purge the grouphead with hot water.

step two

Prepare the Coffee

Grind the coffee to a very fine texture. The proper grind is important to a balanced delicious shot of espresso.

step three

Distribute & Tamp the Grounds

Distribute the grounds evenly with a finger, alternating swipes from top to bottom, left to right, bottom to top, and right to left.

Place the portafilter on a clean dry surface and place the tamper level atop. Apply pressure downwards, about 20 - 30 pounds of pressure is good, to seal the coffee evenly. Gently, spin the tamper to smooth off the grounds.

step four

Position the Portafilter in the Grouphead & Start

The extraction will end near the 30 second mark, causing the shot to thicken. It will start blonding, turning yellow. Stop the shot just as this begins to happen.

Some people like to stir a shot after it’s done and some like to sip immediately in order to experience its layers of flavor. It’s all up to you!

step five