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Edwin Noreña Colombia Sidra Bourbon

Edwin Noreña Colombia Sidra Bourbon

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Flavor Profile: Strawberry Candy, Rosemary, Lavender
Process: Black Honey
Roast: Light Roast
Region: Circasia,
Variety: Sidra Bourbon
Species: Arabica

Growing Altitude: 1550-1600 MASL

Edwin is a life-long,third-generation coffee grower, a trained agronomist & agroindustrial engineer, consultant, Q-Grader and Cup of Excellence judge. His coffees represent an intense pursuit of flavor based upon knowledge, experience and years of trial and error.

At Campo Hermoso farm, all the varieties of coffee start from the same point: the cherries are picked at their optimum point of maturity by means of manual selection, to go through a hydraulic selection of floats in water. At this point, each variety is taken to fermentation, which is different for each one in its fermentation process and its duration, decided by variety and what attributes Edwin wants to emphasize.

This Sidra variety (a bourbon/typica/African landrace cross first cultivated in Ecuador, noticeable for its heavy lavender-like florality) is set in an enclosed, low oxygen environment for 56 hours. Coffee is then dry-pulped, and set again in a low oxygen fermentation for 48 more hours, at which point it is laid out to dry on patio or raised beds for roughly 15 days.

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