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Colombia Finca La Secreta

Colombia Finca La Secreta

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Flavor Profile: Lychee, Guava, Muscat, Peach, Rose, Tropical Fruit, White Grape

Producer: Finca La Secreta - Juan Carlos Mejia
Anaerobic (Lychee Honey) Fermentation

Growing Altitude: 1700 - 2050 MASL

Finca La Secreta

Finca La Secreta owes its success to the dedication of Juan Carlos Mejia and his family, who work together to nurture over 130,000 coffee trees across their 30-hectare farm. Five of those hectares are a natural reserve, home to various animals and plants and protect wood and water resources.

In addition to coffee, plantain, cassava, and bean crops also grow at Finca La Secreta. The fertile land and high altitudes that reach 2,050 masl are ideal for cultivating high quality coffee trees.

What Is Anaerobic Coffee Processing w/Lychee?

Anaerobic coffee processing is a fermentation method that deprives the coffee beans and microbes of oxygen. As carbon dioxide builds up in the tanks, pressure grows and acids like lactic acid develop, which create distinct flavor profiles in the coffee beans.

At Finca La Secreta, Juan Carlos Mejia took the anaerobic process further. In this new process he added lychee fruit, natural fruit concentrates, and yeasts and microbes to the process. The result: lyrical, fruit-forward cup brimming with notes of lychee, guava, muscat grape & peach.

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